What is the Hillside Inn?

The Hillside Inn provides safe and affordable housing, Christian formation within an intentional community, and case management to at-risk populations. The Inn is also a venue for Christian leadership formation and place to volunteer and improve our community’s health.


The Inn exists to provide refuge for young adults in transition and to be a restorative community where individuals can be pastored and empowered to pursue a Christ-centered life of rest, healing and growth.


Residents of the Inn will participate in, and learn to cultivate for themselves, life-giving rhythms of hospitality, personal responsibility and conflict-management. Through their time at the Inn, young people will be replenished and empowered to go from the Inn into their families, faith communities, and cultures with the tools they need to flourish.

How the Inn Works

Residents are supported by a staff who care for everything from buying household supplies to connecting residents with counseling and mentorship. While each member of the Inn staff plays a specific role and is responsible for a different job within the community, the first job of every staff member is to rest, heal and grow.

Innkeepers play the vital role of living with residents and managing the Inn’s essential needs. This includes the everyday rituals of meals, chores, and paying bills.

The Inn Care Manager acts as an advocate and ally for residents, connecting them with the resources they need to meet their goals during their time at the Inn. The Care Manager meets weekly with residents, and partners with each to develop and implement an individual care plan that will help him or her take steps toward personal growth and flourishing.

The Inn Director oversees the larger picture of the Inn, provides support and leadership for the Inn staff, and offers spiritual direction for residents. The Inn Director helps sustain the vision of the Inn, working as a central point of leadership and accountability for all members of the Inn community.

Supporting both the Inn staff and residents of the Inn are a growing number of helpers, and mentors known as Friends of the Inn. These men and women drawn from the wider community are individuals who are dedicated to advocating for residents and staff. Whether sharing knowledge and life skills or investing quality time, Friends of the Inn are "in the corner" of those at the Inn they interact with.

The Hillside Inn Advisory Council provides oversight, strategic leadership, and the resources required for the Inn’s overall sustainability and flourishing. While serving as a preliminary point of contact for fundraising and community connection, the Executive Director organizes, empowers and deploys the Advisory Council to these same ends.

Need to know more?

  1. See what’s going on at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hillsideinnnewberg/

  2. Contact the Executive Director, Sean Flannery, at sean@hillsideinn.org