Frequently Asked Questions


What happens at the Inn?

The Inn provides housing, structure, accountability, coaching/mentoring, and connection to resources for residents.

Where is the Inn located?

In Newberg, Ore., just a ten-minute walk from both downtown and George Fox University's campus.

Who is the Inn for?

The Inn is a home for young adults ages 18-30 who are in transition or need respite. A typical resident is someone "in between," who needs a place to rest, heal, and grow on the way to where they're going. Residents must be willing to participate in house structures and engage the ups and downs of life in community.

Who is the Inn NOT for?

The Inn is not for individuals who are looking for a "quick fix," nor is it for those needing emergency housing.
The Inn is also not for individuals who are unable or unwilling to participate in the structures  of the Inn, i.e. house meals, coaching/mentoring, chores, and other required activities. All residents are coached towards financial sustainability; however, residents that are unwilling - or ultimately, unable - to support themselves are connected with other organizations and community resources.

What is life at the Inn like?

Residents participate in house breakfasts, a weekly book group, and a Sunday "family" dinner. Residents also meet one-on-one with the Inn Care Manager to develop goals they will work towards during their stay. The weekly schedule of the Inn is designed to accommodate those who are pursuing vocational or educational goals, while still providing enough structure so that community can develop in a healthy way.

When was the Inn established and who is it affiliated with?

The Inn was established in 2014 by Hillside Fellowship. The Inn partners with George Fox University's Master of Social Work (MSW) degree program as a field placement site.

How many residents have lived at the Inn?

Since opening its doors in 2014, over 35 young people have called the Inn home at one time or another.

How long is a typical stay at the Inn?

A stay at the Inn can last from a few months to over a year. Length of stay is determined by each individual resident's needs and goals.